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My name is Greg Swartz and I am a freethinking activist in the Kansas City, Missouri, area. I self-identify as an atheistic humanist. I hope to bring you my considered opinions and views, reviews of books, articles and such things, links and whatever happens along the way.


Reason vs. Faith - Why Faith Fails!

We humans spend a huge amount of time trying to determine what the truth is, how to reach the truth and what to call it once we have determined what it is. Should it be based on faith or based on reason? This post will maintain that reason should be the only valid basis for reaching the truth. Read more.

Nothing Fails Like Prayer!

Human beings have been praying for millennia and it seems about time to face up to reality - prayer fails and is actually destructive! Read more.

Should Atheists Insist on Biblical Literalism?

Christianity makes certain truth claims which are based upon alleged historical events related to Jesus: his birth, his ministry, his miracles, his crucifixion and, finally, his resurrection. Should they be allowed to make those claims without definitive evidence or claims that any of the stories are allegory? Read more.